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PPC is pay-per-click, and PPC marketing is when advertisers pay every time an ad is clicked. One way of achieving PPC is through search engine advertising. It happens when advertisers pay a fee for their ads to be on search engines supported links that align to their business. How it works is that when a user does a search using a keyword related to the company, they also get the ad.

If the user clicks on the ad and gets to the business website, the advertiser then pays the search engine. The business sense with this form of marketing is that the company gains more from sales than what they pay for advertising.

However, so much goes into having the right PPC campaign, and if the advertiser gets this right, they end up paying less for PPC than others. Therefore, getting it right saves you money, and starts with understanding the customer, knowing the product, having an approach and creating a clear marketing message.

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Pick-Out the Product

You need to go for a particular product for the PPC campaign to work. You can get ideas from how competitors have set-up their campaigns. Look at their price offering, delivery and customer service. Additionally, search for ads related to your product, and see what comes up for your competition.

Find the Right Keywords

You can use keyword tools to find negative keywords. PPC allows keywords that are an exact match, phrases or broad keywords. You can go for broad matches for your first campaign to learn the market and know what users are searching for.

Negative keywords will help you to narrow the customer search to the particular product that you are trying to promote.

Add to the PPC Campaign Progressively

It is important to have a relevant ad and keywords for your campaign to increase the click through ratio. Good clicks ratios further result in lower pay per click from search engines such as Google and better rankings on searches.

The ad needs to be as specific as possible to appeal more to the user. A generic ad may be less effective than one that is targeted.

Design Particular Landing Pages

It helps to link each product you promote with its page and a specific call to action that includes enticing descriptions. Link the ad to this page, and it should be easy to load so as not to discourage the customer.

Differentiating Ads

A working PPC campaign requires different ads, for instance, use of text ad. With this variation, you can gauge the click-through rate of each campaign to determine which one is more efficient.

Critical Metrics from Search Engines

There are metrics from search engine analytics tools that assist you to know more about PPC and search engine optimisation. They give details about the bounce back rate and its implication. A report of high click through and also high bounce rate could mean that there is a problem with your landing page.

Refine Your Campaign

PPC marketing does not stop with the launch of a campaign; you have to keep revising it in light of new information. You also need to realise that only a few of the keywords you use provide you actual value. Furthermore, you will need to see which campaigns you should retain and which ones to scrap.

PPC campaign lessons are useful for other SEO campaigns, and it needs to be interactive to get the user to the landing page, and get them to act.