Keyword Research

It takes seconds to impress a person visiting a website for the 1st time. It has to be captivating and eye catching. People have to be careful when choosing what to put on their websites, be it a two-page website or a 300 page one, or a blog. Planning what to put on a website can be a tedious task. Website content includes the text you put on a webpage, pictures, videos or even music. This content is what majorly impacts on the success of the site.

The main thing a person must consider including is a keyword research option which allows the users to search for anything on the website; this makes navigation around it easier. A search function on a website is excellent for search engine optimization. It also will pick up any variation of the keyword mentioned. Meaning if you go to a thesaurus and notice synonyms for a keyword, your search feature will still pull it up as a result.

Another thing to consider is the originality of the content one puts on the website. You WILL be punished for copying content and using it to construct your website; Google will penalize you for duplicate content.

Identify your target audience, and relate to them by picking the words wisely. Keep phrases short and precise, throwing in keywords randomly and systematically. No one wants to start to decipher flowery language from the website; hence, one should hit the nail on the head and state exactly what you intend to and the benefits. Try to be consistent and remain relevant.

Update the website regularly, ensuring the key words remain intact. This can be quite a task especially for a website with multiple pages, but it proves to be worthwhile. One may also choose to redesign the site, maximizing your content with new constraints. Employ a pleasant tone when doing this too. Be sure to you proofread the content multiple times before posting it. Make sure that the content is accurate and from a reliable source.

Having Multi-lingual content helps improve the website ratings and visits. Translating the content into multiple diverse languages allows for people of all kinds to visit the site, making it relatable to many. Kentico CMS, a web content management system, has a feature which allows users to provide this feature on their website.

Most of all, remember to create an engaging website. Ask questions and have the users give their feedback. Be able to provide answers too. Have a captivating introduction and tell users why they should explore the website. Don’t be afraid to include an anecdote. Remember, if you include content that sparks many comments and reactions, search engines notice this and make them refer to your content more. It also helps one identify more keywords and include them in the keyword research list. Images and videos go a long way in captivating users.

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