SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it refers to an attempt to increase a given website’s ranking in the search engine results. Websites are going to have low rankings in search engine results by default today just due to the sheer volume of search results that are available online today. The number of functional websites is in the millions now at least, since the estimates of the number of sites varies and the figures are going to change regularly.

A fake website is going to be ranked so low to the bottom of the search results that many of the ranking websites are going to be thoroughly unable to calculate even the position of the site in question. People are just going to need to estimate just how low their search engine rankings are when they have blogs or websites that have no traffic practically. In some cases, these people are going to need search engine optimization just for the sake of actually measuring their search results in the first place, let alone attempting to market truly a given good or service. People are going to need to comb through so many different search threads to even find the website in question that it isn’t going to happen by any reasonable standard.

On average, people will look at the first page of a search results section, and they aren’t going to see anything below that. Some people won’t even scan past the first three to five results, and some people will just click on the first search result, and they’re finished. In the case of some people, searching for things online is a matter of going from one lazy search to the next and barely clicking on anything that doesn’t precisely match what they are searching. This is why it is so important to use the exact right search keywords and why so few people can do so.

Search engine optimization is all about finding those exact right keywords and finding a way to integrate them into the web content correctly, so people are going to find a given website at the top of a particular search engine results page. The people who can get their websites into the upper part of given search results are the people who are going to manage successfully to get noticed in the enormous and dark world of the Internet, which tends to obscure the best web content for the web material that has just become more visible online.

Online marketers are constantly having to do battle with the fact that Google and other search engines are always trying to limit how people can use the SEO techniques. Keyword stuffing was all the rage back in the day. People would find the best SEO keywords and from there, they would fill the content with those keywords until the material was practically unreadable. In many cases, this got websites lots of traffic, but absolutely no real followers and the Google spam filters have become so advanced that it is nearly impossible to do SEO marketing in this traditional manner anymore.

Nowadays, people are going to have to use keywords in a way that is targeted. The keywords should appear in the first and last paragraph of a given piece of web content in many cases, and they should maybe look in a web content heading. Other than that, the important thing today is creating web content that is good and useful and not merely a construct that is used to market a website in a competitive environment.

When it comes to the question: ‘what is SEO?’ people should try to imagine it from the perspective of the people who are doing the marketing and the people who are doing the searching. From there, they should be able to master at least some of the process in an intuitive way. SEO marketers need to make sure that the web surfers find their page first. Then again, even being able to rise through the ranks a little bit on a search engine can increase the level of traffic that a person receives by a huge margin.

How SEO Comes Together