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We provide SEO Solutions for all types of Naperville Businesses

The great thing about our company is we don’t lock you in to long term contracts. All of our packages we offer are month to month with no hidden fees.

A lot of our clients always ask us how we are able to keep our prices low. Well, let us let you in on a secret. Many people don’t actually know that ranking for geo-keyword terms is easy. For example, the terms “real estate in Naperville” or “Naperville dentists” are not difficult to rank for if your on-page optimization is done correctly. The bottom line is that ranking is not difficult and our prices show that. We can assure you that your local business will be visible on all search engines..

Increasing website traffic is not only about on-page optimization like many people believe. The content on your website is just the beginning. We create unique meta-tags for every page component to maximize the indexing opportunities for your site. We also create opportunities to obtain organic backlinks in a natural way so that your site will be successful in the long term. This may take longer but we don’t claim to offer instant results. Those who do often incur a high penalty down the line as the owners of over 5 million websites discovered during Penguin 1 and Penguin 2 updates from Google. We understand perfectly what it takes to create a great website which will not only be a proud platform for your business, it which will be successful gaining visitors from the internet.

Premium Optimization Plans

ChicagoRanking offers off page optimization services which are aimed at reinforcing your website in search by optimizing your site externally – i.e. without changing anything on your pages. This optimization is primarily a backlinking effort focusing on relevant sources which site your website.

We do not offer mass linking services as they are of little SEO value – even more so since the Google Penguin series of updates. The list of optimizations we can perform includes:

  • High PageRank backlinking from relevant-topic sites
  • Directory submissions – directories are listing of businesses and websites which are checked out by real people. Search engines place high trust in these listings are they are not automated like most Internet search indexes.
  • Press Releases – every time something of note can be written about related to your products or business, a press release can be sent out which gives journalists everywhere information to report on. A paid press release can reach a very large audience.
  • Article submissions – We will write and publish articles on other blogs and journals to get backlinks from good anchor-text and enjoy traffic that clicks through.
  • Social Networking and Bookmarking – See our page on social networking and you can soon see how powerful a marketing too they can be.
  • RSS fee directory submissions – RSS feeds are an important part of many websites’
  • Videos placed on YouTube etc. – You Tube has a huge user base with billions of hits per day. A video posted there can have a tremendous effect on your traffic and in combination with social networking can really boost website traffic.

With all off site optimization, we tailor our actual process to the site we are optimizing. Some business will benefit from a series of press releases, others may find social media more appropriate. The world of ranking on search engines changes almost daily and in keeping up with those trends we have the experience to know what will and will not work for your business. With your input and budget considered can craft a tailor-made offsite program that will boost your site traffic and revenues.


If you’re undecided on a service you would like to go with, remember, we offer free on-page consulting. Simply give us a call, or send us an email, and we’ll be more than happy to give you our advice!

Rank Reports

At the end of each month, our clients receive a detailed rank report so that they can track the progress of their website.

Keyword Research

Our experts offer free keyword research to ensure that you are targeting the right words. Choosing the right keyword search terms is essential to getting your page ranked.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you’re a large business or a local small business, we have a plan that will fit you.