How long does it take to rank for local keywords?

Geo keywords are words that are used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that hint at the geographical location of a business. These words are meant primarily for people who live in the particular location mentioned in the geo keywords, or people who happen to visit the area. For instance, a franchising business could create content to sell its brand but make use of geo keywords to educate potential customers on the locations where franchisees are found. Franchising eateries and hotel chains are good examples of businesses that would do particularly well with this kind of SEO.

How fast the website comes up the Google list of geo targeted locations depends on how well the SEO is done. To improve chances of ranking high, businesses tag the name of the brand together with the name of the location so that whether one is searching for the brand or the location there is a chance that the business website will come up, and an even greater chance that the brand from the targeted area will surface.

Again, for a business hoping to rank high on local searches, the SEO content should include local details like the state, city and even zip code. One can even use generally accepted short forms like AZ for Arizona and MN for Minnesota. Use of qualifiers in geo-keywords also helps to pull up the website for ranking; like Minnesota ‘expert’ drillers or Arizona ‘professional’ photographers.

Alternatively, and just as effective, is the use of SEO as usual, but then tagging some geo keywords within the body content but independently. This is more like killing two birds with the same stone; giving the brand a chance to compete for Google rankings at a global level, and also a chance to compete on local Google searches. Of course the local search is likely to rank the brand higher faster than an ordinary search, but one gets to see that the local supplier does not exist in isolation but has other branches or related franchises.

Naturally, it takes a business a comparatively short time to rank high in a localized Google search because competition is pretty low after closing out competitors from outside the geographical location. That means that with well applied local SEO, a brand can become visible very fast attracting customers at a higher rate than otherwise. The advantage here lies in attracting relevant customers, that is, local customers to whom the location means much in terms of sourcing for products. This particularly helps and impacts greatly businesses that deal with bulky or perishable products. For those businesses that use their geo keywords well and rank high on Google search, their businesses are bound to grow exponentially.

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