Our Ability to Track User Activity Separates Us From the Rest

Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce sites in particular are worthless unless a good proportion of the traffic that lands there does not leave without converting to a sale or at very least, leaving their contact details. Our optimization experts have a very good understanding of what makes a web page appealing, and how to direct the navigation of users in order to maximize conversions.

We examine user behavior

A prominent feature of successful and well-converting websites is the careful positioning of page elements and appropriate ‘calls to action’ that help to drive user behavior. When we look at optimizing a page for conversions, we assess a number of parameters which allow us to see how visitors behave when they visit. Out intimate knowledge of web analytics means we are able to track user behavior from the moment they arrive at your site to the time they leave. We can detect every page-view, and every click they make including and use the information to find out what appeals to them and which elements of the site they interact with the most.

Split-Testing and Demographics Research

In tandem with the analytics we look at, we can run A/B comparisons (split-testing) with different page designs and layouts so we can tweak the site using real traffic until it performs at optimum levels.

Conversion optimization covers many areas of web design but it also includes marketing and traffic building to the right demographic and audience. We have many competitors who will promise high traffic rates but often the traffic they drive is of low value to the site owner. Conversion rates will be minimal if the target demographic is wrong. We investigate the target demographic of your traffic and not only cater to them specifically with appropriate design that they can identify with, but also with content that they find useful or entertaining.

If the traffic does not contain the right demographic for your site or its products conversion rates will be low.

We can resolve this by looking into the keywords used and the incoming traffic routes, and then determine improvements in order to target more of the right people. Simple changes such as using different wording in advertising, changing design appearance (even only slightly in some cases) can make quite a difference. What we offer is the ability to identify what it is that is required and to test and implement those changes.

We can also find other avenues for driving traffic and add social media or other campaigns to reinforce your sales and promote your site. Sometimes low conversions are due to obvious problems – other times we really have to earn our money by investigating at great depth the data available.

Whatever your conversion improvement needs, we are sure we can help your business optimize for the best revenues through a conversion optimization.

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